Master Schedule 2010-2011
Master Schedule 
  Homeroom:        7:52-8:00
First Block-        8:03-9:16
Second Block    9:26-10:39
  Third Block       10:42- 12:30 (lunch)
Fourth Block     12:32-1:44
Fifth Block          1:48-3:00
Morning break:  9:16-(;23
6th grade lunch/recess: 10:42-11:12
7th grade lunch/recess: 11:20-11:50
8th grade lunch/recess: 11:58-12:28
Student Handbook


·          Clothing with vulgar or obscene statements, or attire advertising alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, gang activities, or illegal substances.
·          Dress or appearance, which causes a disruption of the educational process
·          Tank tops, midriff tops, see-through clothing, or mini-skirts
·          Hats, bandannas, or sunglasses


Take pride in what you wear.  The clothes you wear not only reflect on you, but your family, community, and school.  The school will require any student to change an item of clothing that is deemed appropriate.


Grade level teams meet each day.  If a conference is desired, parents are asked to call the school or send a note by the student at least one day in advance.  Having one day’s notice can ensure the team is available to meet with the parent.  Teachers are unable to meet with parents at other times of the day due to classroom responsibilities.  Parents should not interrupt classroom instruction to discuss issues that should be addressed during a conference. 


State law requires school attendance.  Please give attention to the new attendance policies in the Student Leadership Handbook.


Any transportation changes must be made with the Lewisville Bus Supervisor, please call  789-5131. 
For safety purposes, transportation changes will not be accepted through a phone call unless there is an emergency situation.  For more information concerning this policy, refer to the Chester County Student Leadership Handbook. 

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and the community, LMS will provide students with a safe and positive environment that meets the needs of adolescents and ensures that students are provided with the means to reach their individual goal of academic growth in order to be productive, responsible, and successful in the high school setting and beyond.

Principal’s message

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to welcome you to school.  We are extremely proud of the programs we offer our students, and we encourage you to make the most of your time with us. 
In addition to developing great scholars, we want to develop students who demonstrate good character traits that will have a lasting influence in life. 
Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year at Lewisville Middle!
H.L. Erwin, Principal

Arrival and dismissal procedures

The first bell for students rings at 7:45 AM.  At this time, students will be allowed to go to their lockers, and then report to homeroom by 7:50 AM. 
Students who are tardy should report directly to the office for a late pass.  Homeroom teachers will assign a detention to students who are tardy.  However, two unexcused tardies will be allowed prior to receiving a detention.  A tardy to school will be excused if the parent presents a doctor’s note.
Car riders are dropped off at the front of the school. 
Parents must report to the office to sign students out of school early.  In order to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, please check your child’s schedule, and if possible, sign your child out between classes.


The guidance program involves students, teachers, and staff members. The guidance counselor provides teachers with information regarding student interests, abilities, and backgrounds.  The guidance program can help students make the adjustment to middle school. 
Peer Remediation is one aspect of our guidance program and is used for problem-solving among peers, guided by trained Peer Mediators. 
Students who become ill at school and need to go home, should report to the Guidance Office for assistance.


The SRO Program places a law enforcement officer in the schools in an effort to create and maintain a safe learning environment for our youth.  It is a community-based approach, which integrates the law enforcement officer with an existing network of resources in the community. The SRO provides a positive role model for many youth who are not exposed to such figures within their community or home.


Students are required to receive physical education/health.  Students need the following items for class:  shorts (navy or black), T-shirt (white or light color), socks, tennis shoes, and a combination lock.  To receive credit, students must dress appropriately for class daily


Lewisville Middle School has an active Parents In Action (PIA), Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO), and School Improvement Council (SIC).  All of these organizations are composed of parents and faculty members working together to improve the quality of school programs and strengthen home-school communications.


The LMC represents a key element in the success of our educational program.  It is a place that students can use for learning as well as a place for enjoyment.  The flexible schedule employed in the media center allows students an opportunity to come any time during the day as the need arises.  Please see the Media Specialist for procedures in utilizing the Media Center


Students who repeatedly break rules will be suspended for a designated period of time from classes.  Students assigned to ISS will report promptly at the beginning of first period, with all books and materials.  Teachers send daily assignments to ISS.  Parents will be notified in writing when a student is assigned to ISS.


Students will be assigned a lunch detention for infractions such as being tardy to school or class, not having materials, talking, not following directions, not completing assignments, etc.  These detentions are assigned at the discretion of the teacher.
                5 detentions – team will notify parent
10 detentions – office referral, 3 days In School Suspension


Please direct your attention to the Student Leadership Handbook for school district discipline policies.


Immediate administrative assistance is needed and the offense will result in a suspension.  Examples include: fighting, cursing, stealing, smoking, cutting class, etc.


Parent newsletters are published each month and include important information for students and parents concerning activities and special happenings at LMS.


According to Chester County School District, cell phones are strictly forbidden in schools unless permission is given by an administrator.  Phones will be confiscated and will be forfeited to the school district.  For more information on this policy, refer to the Student Leadership Handbook.


A pay phone is available for student use during breaks and after school.  Students are not allowed to use the telephone during class times.


A             Superior                              93-100
B             Above Average                    85-92
C             Average                              77-84
D             Below Average                    70-76
F              Unsatisfactory                    below 70


Report cards are sent home at the end of each nine-week grading period.  Parents are asked to sign the report card and return it to school.  Interim reports are sent home every 4 ½ weeks during the grading period.  Teachers and parents are encouraged to write comments on these reports.  The school agenda will also serve as a means of communication on a daily or weekly basis.  In addition, grade-level teams communicate with students and parents through the use of grade sheets, telephone contacts, and scheduled conferences.


Student lockers will be assigned by homeroom teachers at the beginning of the school year.  Students should bring a combination code or extra key to provide to their homeroom teacher.  Lockers are checked periodically.  Students are not allowed to switch lockers or store their belongings in another student’s locker.


Shorts are allowed, but must be midway between the hip and knee or longer
Pants must be worn above the hips.  Belts should be buckled and worn around the waist holding pants in the proper manner.